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| Aug 12, 2016

"If you don't find a way to make money while you sleep, 

You will work until you die........   Warren buffet !"

Dear Friends, Good morning

I have been drafting this mail for quiet a long time - bits and pieces & I really don't know when I will complete this, may be After Guru Peyarchi, for some reasons... and also after completing the pending transfers....! 
Now it is on the verge of completion...! Let's see....!

Happy to publish this announcement on this Auspicious day....!


Well, When SAKRUTAYA office was formally inaugurated, I was very sure -  that was a starting point for a long journey , (பிள்ளையார் சுழி ) & now the time has come to move ahead & to register a Public limited company & Four more associated companies (Pvt Ltd) companies.....! Planning for the incorporation by September - October...! To complete all the formalities and statutory requirements, it takes at least 2 months time....!

Trying my best to bring it all under the brand name of SAKRUTAYA......!

Our Top most revenue generation company will mainly be focusing on Share Market -  fund management services, Trading, portfolio, financial consultancy services etc....!

Four Pvt Companies being formed - though they will have their own strategies on profit making , but for a longer term. These companies will be essential for supporting functions / deeper penetration into market / strong brand building to bring more customers, to our core business....!
All these companies will have a prime task to support Sakrutaya Investments and will concentrate further on its own activities also.....

For all supporting companies, I will try to make incorporation like my own family business - controlling almost all % of shares with very close relatives and friends as share holders..... So, I do not want to get into details on that part...

Sakrutaya investments will concentrate mainly on two functions.... 

Consultancy / Handling the customer accounts and profit sharing is one part & another one is receiving funds from customers and monthly / quarterly / annual returns.
Competition act does not allow to fix a higher monthly percentage as assured returns.... So,  we need to quote as a minimum % + dividends ( to compensate our assured returns of 7%)  MRS clients / customers will be issued with an agreement that an minimum assured percentage + incentives.

Addition to the 7% to 8% earnings will be treated as company's profit...! 
It can be a sometimes very huge / sometimes there can be setback also.
In case if month profit is down below 7% , from the previous buffer it will be adjusted, so that there won't be any impact to the customers.......!

Also , planning to conduct Technical analysis classes also on chargeable basis for basic & Higher level two categories.... will come under consultancy / training functions.

Let us be clear on a part ---- Share holders are different .... Customers / clients are different.


Now coming to SAKRUTAYA : I am foreseeing a tremendous potential to earn for the share holders...... But the thing is, I do not want to bring any one , whoever is willing to associate us.... there will be a thorough scrutiny...! When I am filtering even for clients, you can assume what could be the level to share holders....!

Initially thought of restricting only to 10 shareholders only, but after that decided to extend upto 200 members / promoters , as the turnover size is going to be a huge one....!
I want a much much smoother journey for the first 5 years....! No listing / IPO to the public for initial 5 years.....!

I am going to select only 10 members  / out of 200- who will fit into Director role for first 5 years effectively & to comply with statutory requirements..! 

If you are willing to join hands as " Share holders " for SAKRUTAYA Investments - write down with the following details.

1) NAME 
2) PAN No : 3) Permanent Address 
4) Address for communication
4) Initial investment amount ( Note : if the initial investment is a huge one, you may be required to provide proof of income or got as loan from bank...etc...) 
5) Your bank account details

No need to send scan & send the copies now..... I will require the hard copies / self attested , will let you know by email to you, if you are scrutinised for share holders.... 

Minimum investment amount is Rs. 50,000/- per shareholder..... 
& Maximum amount - in multiples of Rs. 50,000/- ---- no limit. but may have to provide source of income if required, if the amount is huge one ....
Last date to consider mail request : 18th August,2016 ( We do not have much time , as I am planning for the incorporation at the earliest)
Purposely avoiding lengthy duration, as it will be convenient for me. Also my first major assignment immediately after Pavitrotsavam....
Amount transfers / sending cheque / DD - only after my confirmation - within 18th August,2016

( Please do not send request to deduct from old dues..... I am sure all the dues will get cleared by 16th Aug,2016 & you can arrange a fresh remittance)

From the interested applicants as promoters, I am going to select 10 members - ( after horoscope checking also....(!?) only from Resident Indians) We will go for 3 Directors - first year & the rest will be on rotational basis for next 4 years....! I will be the Managing director for the first 5 years ---- to have the control , I have decided to control minimum of 51 % of shares for me and my relatives circle....! 
It all depends on how much initial investment we will get from the members interested....! If the amount is bigger, accordingly I also will have to arrange my source of income too......!

All will be 100% transparent - white transaction..... No need to worry on legal / IT issue....! You will be issued a share certificate for your invested amount and I will inform you all the formalities sooner.....!

==============================================*** Note : After thorough verification I have decided not to continue SIP scheme in SAKRUTAYA brand.... The recent SIP1617 scheme which we started recently, will not be brought into corporate set up..... so , our DHEEPAM ,5Y33K, Suraksha  - all will continue as it is & slowly this will be transferred to SAKRUTAYA set up , to ensure settlement will be smoother and legally permitted. SIP 1617 will not be continued after 1 year completion..... we will close it down, as the process is cumbersome and we need not to break our head much, to comply on statutory requirements.....!

Revert for any clarifications..... if you have.

Contact Address :

SAKRUTAYA Investment & Securities Pvt Ltd
Blue star hotel complex, Near Bharatinagar Bus stop,
M.B.T. Road, 
Ranipet - 632403

Website :
Email :
WhatsApp :  96290 47748

With kind regards,



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